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Tel Tsaf 2 Merimde beni Salama?

por Olympus Mons, em 22.05.20

Are you not bored with Kurganistas, steppists and Yamnayans??

I have little doubt that the Shulaveri-Shomu, as much as were seen in North Caucasus making the enchilada between the rivers Kuban, Volga, don and making the kurganistas drool, are also seen, at the same time and period (eneolithic), in Tel Tsaf in Israel. --  What I wonder these days is the connection of those to the Merimde beni Salama.

The disappear , or end, of Tel Tsaf (4600BC) is the arrival at Merimde? Was the same folks moving or the waning of Tsaf had nothing to do with Merimde? Did they move and start Merimde? Was merimde really 4800BC or was it 4600BC hence the date when Tel Tsaf is gone?

Just wonder.

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