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Of Reich and David Anthony in 2020

Olympus Mons em 26.04.20

I read that David Reich lab at Harvard has hired David W Anthony to help them sort the narratives to print on the papers they will publish. Even now in 2020 I find it awkward ...

From the Ubaid AND Kura -Araxes

Olympus Mons em 16.05.18

Yes, not to but and. Everything in Transcaucasia 6th and 5th millennia seems to be Something-to-Ubaid. I myself in my Shulaveri2Bellbeakers, have the Ubaid as culprits for t...

Download me! - R1b - From Shulaveri-Shomu to Bell Beaker

R1b - From Shulaveri-Shomu to Bell Beaker