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It needs to be stated. I mean, once in a while. I have been stating this for lo long...

  • Shulaveri M269 with R1b-L23 arrive to aratashen and Shulaveri-gora.
  • Shulaveri Thrive for 1000 years. That means PIE was fully formed there. 
  • We can see Shulaveri contacting Halaf, Hassuna e Samarra and engage the Ubaid people.
  • We can see the more pastoral, if not already transhumance, Shulaveri as far south as north shores of Lake Urmia and even sporadically south of lake Urmia shores engaging J2b man.
  • We can see how it ended in event line by 4900bc (actually its around 5000bc, not exact one date)
  • We can track shulaveri and PIE going the Kuban river up to the steppes of Ukraine.
  • We can track Shulaveri and PIE arriving a century later in thrace, bulgaria and Romania in the form of Boian and Gulmenita, shortly after engaging Hamangia.
  • We can track the former mix moving to north shores of Black sea to form something akin of Pre-Cucuteni.
  • We can track Shulaveri and PIE in Tel tsaf israel in  brief period of 4700BC.
  • We can see Shulaveri and PIE arriving to Delta Nile by 4600BC.
  • We can see   Shulaveri and PIE arriving to Chalcolithic Iberia by 3500BC....

So, which ones arrive to Iberia? the Merimdians (delta Nile) or the Boians (south caucasus)?
This has been the question I have in my mind for a while.


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