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I am actually worried that, the narrative regarding ancient DNA and Shulaveri-Shomu, if it comes to that, after my 5 year fight for them to be recognized as the leading party in the dispersal of PIE and R1b-M269-L23, will be digitally obscured by the fact that they might as well always publish papers in the future referring to “South Caucasus Neolithic” without ever mentioning Shulaveri-shomu.  Or opt to postulate things like Georgia/Armenia, or Georgia/Azerbaijan and not by name: Shulaveri-Shomu!

....and I never tagged South Caucasus Neolithic for my vast number of posts in the subject.

Just remembering folks about what the Shulaverian Hypothesis is, and what is in the numerous posts in this blog:

  1. First (2015) wasn’t clear where they came from. Too mysterious. Later (2017) became convinced they actually had something to do with an axis from south Balkans (WHG and R1b land) places like Ovcarovo Gorata (Bulgaria) and small settlements like Hagoshrim (North Israel) where this small groups seemed too pastoral and odd out groups to the levant never numerous enough to really imprint in the region.
  2. Next step (2016) become convinced of the similarities to some aspects of Fikirtepe people, specially Mudbrick houses and bone spoons. So I felt it was something like the movement of people from western black sea, moving to South Caucasus and arriving there as Shulaveri-Shomu. Maybe even being Halaf as well.
  3. So, the core of Shulaverian Hypothesis back then (2015) started from that point onwards. Could not care less where they had come from, only cared when they suddenly vanished from the region by 4900bc and the importance of where they went on to have, Bell beakers, as far way it seemed in temporal terms (2500 years later). Moreover, it was about the preferred route -  Which I choose to focus on the most unlikely one (south) - The shulaveri2bellbeaker is about the most unlike journey, but... BUT, it states from the get go the facts that, mattered, and still matters, to “the Crowd”.  It states that some flew north (yes, Yamnaya) some west (into Balkans), some stayed and obviously south.
  4. As much as I did in 2015, I still believe that tel Tsaf (Israel) and Merimde Beni Salama (Delta Nile Egypt) are related to Shulaveri-Shomu. And that connection (also mentioned in Shulaveri2bellbeaker) kept on after I moved on the narrative to Iberia, even stating that some had moved North again. yes, some on the end of Merimde 3900BC moved back to levant and even, possibly, to South Caucasus again. People moved everywhere… and either engulf others or are engulfed by them.
  5. The other addition, in 2018, was that I felt I needed to add detail to the “ones that flew West” so I figure Shulaveri moving west crossed, again moving back, via north Anatolia (maybe Kum6 girrl) and into south Balkans again making the Boian culture, the Gulmenita Culture merging with Hamangia into pre-cucuteni-tripolye culture.
  6. What is relevant (or will be) in 2020? – Yamnaya. since the beginning I stated that Shulaveri became (1200 years after) the Shulaveri. Of course the focus of the crowd was, and still is, the steppe (steppe, steppe). It never truly moved from there. Even the focus on Balkans in 2018 was to find the steppe into Balkans, nothing else. So, as early as 2016 I started to detail that the Shulaveri was seen moving up the kuban river (meshoko, Nalchik, etc) into the steppe in 4900/4900BC. And I always stated that even in the 6th millennium BC the Shulaveri must have been exploring the northern Caucasus.
    What I got more aware in 2019 was that the Chokh cultures already had Agriculture from the Shulaveri as early as 5500BC.

In 2020 it will be discovered were the levant/south component of the Neolithic steppe came from and even if the Y-dna  r1b-L23 truly was in the steppes already or came with that Neolithic movement. So, either Shulaveri, or not Shulaveri.

Either way. but it was me that said it all along.

… then we can move forward and figure out who the lady in tel tsaf, with her copper awl, really came from 😊


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