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Otzi... the IE speaker?

por Olympus Mons, em 12.05.18

And IE did spread with Neolithic farmer from Anatolia. I mean at least VIA Anatolia.
That is becoming the elephant in the room:  Assuming Krause is right, Now Reich is right and so many others (as me)… then it needs to be assumed, it follows, that populations, similar to the ones arriving to steppe, and that we see moving via Anatolia  and arriving to Balkans at 4500bc,  such as Kum6 (4600bc), loaded with CHG and different farmers ancestry from Anatolia_N (8000bc) and having heavy shared ancestry with Greece Neolithic, such as Klei10, and Pal7  in Greece,  a thousand years later (3500bc) and with even Otzi the Iceman (3300bc) …. They ALL SPOKE PIE/IE!

So, best put,  even Otzi could very well be a IE speaking person and have never even have met a Steppe person! – Lets start wrapping our minds around it!

 I challenge anyone to truly fault this reasoning.

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