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Mr. Alexander Kozintsev

por Olympus Mons, em 14.05.20

I intended to have reviewed the "Proto-Indo-Europeans: The Prologue"  by Alexander Kozintsev earlier when I first read it.  Its important to state, before is too late, that he too is wrong.
Don’t get me wrong, It’s a very good summary on so many issues and topics. Congratulation to Mr Kozintsev. It really gives a clear and multifacted perspective on what currently is published, what are the advances and pitfalls still.  Albeit a summary of how one and all gets it wrong (in my opinion).

But it needs to be stated that, apart from relying on the mad Davidski (really awkward) , and sucintly gives current perspectives of the likes of D. W. Anthony, and the mantra of the academic kayfabe builders, he too, missed the target.

a. My problem with what he postulate is that Kozintsev follows the mantra of everybody and everything but the Shulaveri-Shomu. He hoovers in the region but never pinpointing the Shulaveri so that when/if it is found  that the Shulaveri and its dispersal were in fact responsible for the admix, language and agriculture in the north Caucasus and Steppe he had put it out there as the main source . True as well as PA (proto-Anatolian) as those that flew south and seen in Tel Tsaf by 4800 BC (contact with semitic language?) or even, as I also believe, the fact that it might as well also be Shulaveri related the Merimde-beni-salama in Nile River Delta, which moved back to levant and to Anatolia in due time to later be a component of Hittite. But we are not there yet - first lets settle the facts of the ones that flew north during late/end 6th Millenium BC.

b. Read Proto-Indo-Europeans: The Prologue and its obvious that at any moment, any moment(!), Kozintsev, or David w. Anthony as late as 2019, or any other for that matter, ever hit the target related to both the genomics and PIE lexicon. Kozintsev even comes close to Van lake and Urmia, Northwestern Iran still the fav, even occasionally  touching Azerbaijan but clearly mentioning the southeastern part that connects to Iran - Not the small part northwestern Azerbaijan that related to Shomutepe from Shulaveri-Shomu.

c. Only I postulate that the target is: Shulaveri Shomu, mainly in the hills of Georgia facing the Kura river, living next to many rapid rivers of the lesser Caucasus and the violent rivers coming out of the Caucasus mountains like the Lori, gabirry and Alazani big lakes and seas (black and Caspian) and daily eying the Caucasus massif mountains reaching the sky. The Shulaveri which PIE and genetic dispersal is timed from something like 5300BC-4900BC. Not earlier, not later - By 4900BC they had vanished, whatever was later and around had nothing to do with PIE or Yamnaya.


So, I can be wrong and it doesn’t matter.  What can not happen is if I am correct, and after 5 years fighting everyone in the name of the Shulaveri, anybody, anybody, joins me on what I postulate above. For better or worse I was, and am, alone in this particular view!

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