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Deltas - Kuban, Don, Volga.

por Olympus Mons, em 10.05.20

If I was, and am, correct.

If indeed the neolithization of the northern Caucasus and steppe next to it are the Shulaveri that crossed the mountains and populated the overall region beyond the big mountains. … then everyone else is an idiot. If not, then I am the idiot. That simple.

To be clear: The neolithization of whatever flew to the deltas of the Kuban river,  the Terek,  the Don and Volga rivers…was the movement of the Shulaveri abandoning the south Caucasus. – First step, my previous post, was the neolithization of the Chokh cultures in the Caucasus mountains itself descending to the “other” side of the big mountains range over to the steppes by 5500BC.  They never stopped moving.

Shulaveri had a pretty good life. With abundance of resources. So they were many, numerous, at arrival (6200BC) they were so much more at the last quarter of the 6th millennium BC when so may were spewing into the steppes. Most references in the literature of current aDna are from 1000 years after that process started. A 1000 years mixing with local pops. Actually, as the Shulaveri vanished very abruptly from the South caucasus their presence in the steppes must have been much impressive. If not it just means that many have died in that century 5000BC.

Don't know which will be found that resembles more like south caucasus Shulaveri. Will it be Orlovka? will it be Sredny stog? Don`t know. Yet!  But really… overall, is it that hard to add? Its just 2 plus 2.

As far as I know, the following image is used by the Johannes Krauser group (MPI SHH) in 2019.
Have they already and finally figure it out as well?  - *

Those two arrows are not going from IRAN to the steppe! those two orange blobs are EXACTLY the bounderies of the Shulaveri-Shomu culture and those two arrows are going from the Shulaveri to the steppe.  -- again, No shit, sherlocks.





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