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And now K. Kristiansen joins the club.

por Olympus Mons, em 27.05.18

Vindication is so sweet.

After Krause and recently David Reich.

Now, in this article in Der Spiegel even the warrior of the warriors of Steppe, the warlord of Yamnaya, very matter off fact actually draws a circle in the land of shulaveri and says there is the Urheimat of PIE.

Oh, after kicking every one who challenge the precious steppe hypothesis he just found that out?


Here is we, back in 2015. (January 2016 is when i wrote it)

Shulaveri-Shomu is the birth of the R1b expansion!

por Olympus Mons, em 09.01.16

*the European dominance of Y-dna Haplogroup R1b had its origin in a very specific culture of the Caucasus the Shulaveri-Shomu, Not Yamna, nor Maikop, nor Kura arexes… no! Places like Kwemo-Kartli and Mentesh tepe are the true Urheimat (homeland) of all western Europeans. And the spread of that cultural and genetic trait started in the Iberia peninsula, because after the immediate ending of the SSC not millennia but centuries later pure r1b (M269) inhabit the peninsula making the downstream clades that populate western world (L11 and M51).”



Screw you very much, mr Linguistic, geneticist and archeologist.




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R1b - From Shulaveri-Shomu to Bell Beaker